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12.10.2014 Secretion at @rebootmag 19.7.2014 Dobrodošli v Jebovlju Animated Feature Film utilizing innovative and quick production process and real-time engine, Coproduction RTV Slovenia & MediaAtlas 4.2.2014: MediaMotion mocap studio 1.1.2014:2nd Season #Jebovlje 16.9.2013:1st Season #Jebovlje 1.9.2013:nValuta 10.6.2013:HerbaFreq: collection of herbalistic frequencies available for IOS 30.4.2013: Captain Starship released 20.1.2013: 'Na svoji žemlji' Premiere today RTV SLO 1, 21:20 14.9.2012: (undisclosed) Project is nearly completed ! 1.9.2012: Sensor 5, x64 announced 1.6.11: We've been very busy lately preparing a new version of Sensor with new Image based illumination, FXAA, better depth of field, screen space materials, new generators, more flexible blendshape controls with blending groups, new plugins (Kinector plugin will be open sourced once completed), lots of small and annoying bug fixes, light dummys for droping shadows but not lighting the scene, extended deferred renderer light space transformation with normalRGB->linearRGB->XYZ, secondary transformation matrix to modify whitebalance point, new real time video capture to H.264 .mov container and VC-1 .wmv container, but Windows 7 support only :( due to inclusion of Media Foundation libraries, extended Multimonitor support.

17.9.10: New season of Hri-Bar started (e1) with new release of Sensor 4.0F using new deferred renderer with better transparency rendering support. Bullet physics support extended and is now fully multithreaded and much more stable. Upgraded exporters with support for multiple UV sets and better color vertex export options.

2.7.10: Release of Sensor 3.30F. 5% overall speed increase in complex scenes, Easier soft body creation with anchors.This is first release with CLR hosting and F# support. Expect to see more .NET for customization and scripting. Displacement mapping and tesselation of rigid and skinned meshes.

9.6.10: Sensor-based short animations are going LIVE on 10.6.2010 on Slovenian national television in FULL HD for the first time as part of Football World Cup Africa 2010.

17.2.10: Release of Sensor, version 3.1. Brings new IK controlers, multiple camera capture devices support, faster loading times on multicore systems, refactored VideoPlayer with smarter resource consuption, Bullet physics now uses multithreaded collision dispatcher.

1.10.09: We started work on a new (undisclosed) project.

20.9.09: Release of Sensor, version 3.00.

25.9.09: New season of Hri-Bar started.