Powerful visualization

The real-time 3D graphics solution, a technology that incorporates multiple functionalities in single software - from real-time 3D to virtual sets. Sensor is a Interactive Digital Entertainment solution. applicable in broadcast for live news, weather, business, live talk shows, shows for children and sports coverage, advergames, interactive marketing. fitness equipment and industrial applications.
Sensor produces quality High Definition images in real time. It manipulates 3D objects, live video, video clips, high resolution characters, virtual sets and any other graphics in real time 3D along with audio. It can also integrate with virtual studio solutions from third parties with custom plugins.

See Brief Presentation or visit our partnership project with Hikikomori. for additional information what Sensor can do with content.

SENSOR 5.0 x64

Windows 7 64-bit version. - Free for non-comercial use
Multi-core, large memory address aware 3D visualization tool with Embedded HTTP server, multimonitor support, C# scripting, native SDK for plugin development.

Download Sensor
NOTE: This is specialized software for creating visualization projects. Requirements and how to install are in documentation\index.html. This is full release and can run all Sensor projects. Trial mode does not support video capture.
Does not include SDK for plugin development. Not for the faint hearted, but we do offer full support for registered users.
Additional feature available for licensing are: real-time speech recognition, advanced skeleton retargeting, additional file format import support. Contact us for latest version.